• What is CMNITY?

    CMNITY is a platform for creative freelancers who connect through the power of creativity, marketing and content creation. We offer facilities and connect you, the creative, with brands and assignments for you to work on.

  • What is CMNITY Campus?

    CMNITY campus is a place where we aim on educating and specializing creatives in the arts of marketing and content creation, made possible by workshops and courses.

  • Can I be part of CMNITY?

    Yes! These courses are not just for our own creatives but also for everyone else that wants to learn creative marketing & content creation. However you can be part of CMNITY, just send an email to [email protected] and we'll see what the future holds!

  • What do I get with CMNITY Campus?

    Having CMNITY Campus will not only give you a large amount of online workshops to choose from but you will also be able to do workshops on location. Being Campus member will also grant you CMNITY sneak peaks and other amazing projects!

  • What do I get when finishing a course?

    After every course that has been finished the user gets a certificate to proof the validity of the course.

  • What are the prices?

    In your subscription most of the courses are free to use and finish (with official certificates), however there are some paid courses. The price depends on the type of course and is specific to it's workshop.

  • What type of courses are there?

    There are many types of courses, some are quizzes, video's or even on location. This depends per course and the type of information that comes with it.

  • I have a different question

    If your question didn't get answered, feel free to contact us at [email protected] and sorry for the inconvenience.